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How much does it cost?

Use our online price builder to get a quote sent to you instantly. Because we have so many options, there are literally hundreds of variations possible. Unsure if you want a particular option? Tick it anyway – prices are by line item, so it’s easy to see prices with/without options. Go to our price builder.

Do you offer finance?

We have two options for financing your M2 tray or canopy system. Either add it to your new vehicle finance, or get NOW Finance as an alternative option if required.

Can I add a tray canopy or toolbox later?

Absolutely, our whole system is designed to add to or change later. That’s the beauty about buying a standardised product. Move things around, adapt to industry or career changes or add options that haven’t even been released yet. We have modular mounting points throughout our whole system.

Can I buy a tray canopy by itself?

Yes, you can. We often sell canopies by themselves. Our canopies are 1850mm in width so make sure your existing tray is at least 1850mm wide and you’ll be fine.

What are the tray measurements?

Double Cab: 1800mm L, 1850mm W
Extra Cab: 2100mm L, 1850mm W
Single Cab: 2540mm L, 1850mm W

Will I need a GVM/suspension upgrade?

This really depends on what extras you’re adding and what you’ll be carrying. We give advice on this on a case-by-case basis.

How tall are your tray headboards?

We currently run two headboards. One for Landcruisers, one for everything else. Standard headboard: 875mm above deck height. Landcruiser headboard: 995mm above deck height.

How much will my system weigh?

It really depends on what extras you add to the build. If you use our online price builder it states weights too, so you can get an instant price and weight sent to you.

Can I keep my spare wheel under the chassis with a rear lockable drawer?

Yes, you can on everything except a Landcruiser. Landcruisers need a rear spare wheel chute which goes in the position a rear drawer normally would.

Do you build “custom”?

No, we don’t build custom however we offer standardised modular options that fit 95% of the market. We’re also always developing new products that bolt to our modular system. There are many advantages to offering a standardised system – things are tested and proven, turnaround times are better, quality is far superior and consistent, spare parts are available, modularity and adaptability are already thought of and often it costs less.

Can you ship to me?

Yes. We send our product throughout New Zealand & Australia using various freight methods. We supply extensive fitting instructions for those wanting to tackle the fitment themselves. Or you can make use of our reseller network in NZ and have them fit the tray for you.

Do you colour match?

We will only colour match for a fleet of 10 or more vehicles. The reason for this is we powder coat our products and our powder suppliers have a minimum batch size for custom colours which comes with an extended lead time as well as a higher cost. Our options of black and white cover 99% of our market.

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