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Remarkable Fleet Solutions Without Compromise

Add, change, modify, improve, or transfer, anytime. We've been continuously improving our system for years. Our modular and efficient product offering gives powerful future-proof options for long term value.

Manipulate your fleet set up and fine-tune your site efficiency with our adaptive approach. Whether it be a Service Body, Tray & Canopy/Toolbox system or Wellside Canopy system rest assured your organised mobile workshop on wheels will run like a well-oiled machine.

The M2 Overland Fleet Approach

1. Systemised Onboarding Process

This step ensures a seamless introduction for new clients into M2 Overland's ecosystem. It involves understanding the client's requirements, setting clear expectations, and preparing a customised plan to meet those needs effectively. This structured onboarding process is crucial for establishing a strong foundation for a successful long-term relationship.

2. Tailored Turnkey Solution

Our turnkey solutions are tailored to the unique specifications and requirements of each client, ensuring a perfect fit for their operational needs. We understand moving vehicles around involves time. This is why we are setup to handle everything under one roof. From your M2 System to GVM Upgrades, Vehicle Accessories, Signage and even down to First Aid & Fire Extinguishers.

3. Development & Validation

The company emphasises the importance of not just developing solutions but also rigorously validating them through our designated in-house validation team. This ensures that every product or system delivered meets the highest standards of quality and reliability, ready to withstand the demands of real-world use.

4. Forecasting & Priority Fitment

M2 Overland employs forecasting to anticipate the needs of their clients, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and that solutions are delivered on time. Priority fitment further guarantees that urgent requirements are addressed promptly, minimising downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

5. National Support

Understanding the importance of reliable support, M2 Overland offers comprehensive national support to ensure that clients across New Zealand can access assistance whenever they need it. This network of support helps in maintaining the performance and reliability of their systems.

6. Ongoing Fleet Management

M2 Overland provides ongoing management services to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity of the fleet.

7. Continuous Improvement

At the core of M2 Overland's approach is a commitment to continuous improvement. By constantly seeking ways to enhance their products, services, and processes, we ensure that clients benefit from the latest innovations and improvements, keeping them ahead in their respective fields.

Brand Promise

M2 Overland commits and delivers, no exception.

Because actions speak louder than words, our customers are in a better position to make unbiased comments about who we are and how we operate. Contact any of them, or here is what one has to say:

“We highly recommend the team at M2 Overland. They are a bloody good team to deal with and nothing has been a problem. We can’t wait to utilise their quality fit-outs in our fleet and give our guys, what we believe is the best in the industry”

– Joe Gradwell, General Manager / Aftersales Operations, TDX

Introducing Our

Commercial Fleet Team

Gavin Harper

Commercial Manager

027 629 7700

Gavin, our Commercial Manager, brings a fresh perspective to our commercial client partnerships. He has been cultivating relationships in this industry since 2019.  Gavin joined M2 in May 2023, and his goal has been crystal clear: to elevate M2 Overland to the forefront of the industry with what he firmly believes is the best service offering on the market. Gavin is passionate about strengthening connections between companies and people. He excels in crafting solutions that venture beyond conventional thinking, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled service and support.

Gavin is here to lead your organisation through consultation, design, commercial agreements, and forecasting, ensuring attentive support. He understands the Chain of Responsibility with a commitment that extends to all health and safety matters, including detailed vehicle load analysis and documentation. With Gavin's expertise, expect exceptional service throughout your journey with M2.

Nick Langan

General Manager

027 357 4242

Nick backs up Gavin with invaluable experience for our commercial clients. Firstly, and most importantly, he is a qualified Sheetmetal Fabricator. Nick also has qualifications in Quality Assurance, has a track record with ISO9001 implementations, and is most passionate about continuous improvement. With Nick, you are not just dealing with a General Manager with the perfect skill set to ensure long-term successful commercial partnerships, you are also dealing with a company shareholder.

When Nick isn’t working, he enjoys the outdoors with his wife and kids. If there’s one thing questionable about Nick, it’s his beer of choice – Steinlager.

Upgrade Your FLEET

NZ Made

New Zealand Made, officially. There’s something very unique about New Zealand made. Combine the ‘No.8 Wire’ Kiwi Ingenuity attitude with a staffing content offering over 250 years of metal manufacturing experience, world leading CAD/ERP systems and the very best machinery on the planet and the result is impeccable.

100% Manufactured In-house

All design, laser cutting, router cutting, surface treatment, folding, welding, powder coating and assembly is done under our own roof. We have control over the whole process which means a better customer experience and a better quality product. M2 Overland is very unique in this aspect – one of, if not the only manufacturers in our field in the world who can say ‘we control all’. Book a workshop tour and we’ll happily show you.

Quality Guaranteed –ISO9001:2015 Registered

Most companies become ISO9001 certified for marketing purposes. We use ISO9001 systems to improve our business and product. Working with M2 Overland means working with a company that is at the forefront of continuous improvement.

Delivery On Time, Always

Our competitors often hold customer vehicles for weeks, if not months. Ten times out of ten M2 Overland delivers on time. It’s very rare that a customer can’t collect their vehicle the same day it was delivered for an installation. Why? We control all processes under our roof and our business systems are unmatched.

Industry Leading Turnaround Times – Consistently

Because we manufacture everything in house we can offer unmatched lead times. Typically we work on a 4 week lead time unless we’re dealing with fleets. Out of that 4 weeks, we only need your vehicle at the end for the install – an average of 6 hours.

Modular Design

Set up your way to operate efficiently and safely in your field by utilising our modular design. We have built in mounting points throughout our whole system to give you the ability to take advantage of the many bolt on accessories we offer. Zero in on efficiency with fine adjustment, adapt for personal preference or modify at a later date in the case your business, profession or industry change.

Have Questions?

After Sales Service

Purchasing from M2 Overland means becoming part of the team, joining our club. And this is how we treat you, period. Because all systems are serial numbered with serial plates, we’re able to pinpoint exactly what parts make up your system in the future. Our extensive MRP system manages Revision Control, meaning if something is damaged in the future we can replace it sight unseen. M2 Overland aim to offer the best after sales service consistently. Our customers will back this up.


Our warranty is something we take seriously. We refuse to blast ‘Lifetime Warranty’ at our customers only to intentionally catch them out in the fine print. Our warranty can be found in our terms and conditions but we’d prefer to discuss this with you personally so you understand exactly where you stand.

Transferability (Trek-R)

Purchasing a Trek-R tray system is a serious investment. Rest assured, you’re able to transfer our tray systems between vehicles in the case you upgrade down the track. Purchase a fitting kit from us and you’re away laughing. You can use M2 Overland or the reseller network to transfer it over for you. Note: Landcruisers are another matter, because they run a different height headboard there is more to transferring from or to a Landcruiser.


Lock your ‘standard’ in and come back later when adding to your fleet to receive exactly the same set up. We use serial plates, an extensive MRP system and revision control to guarantee this.

Reseller/installer network

We run a reseller network around New Zealand who also help with installations. Our resellers deal with other vehicle accessories so they become a ‘one stop shop’ for those building vehicles, whether for work or play. Another advantage of using this network is not needing to get the vehicle to us here in Hawke's Bay for the installation.

Aluminium Construction

We’ve converted from steel to aluminium for two reasons:

1. GVM/carrying capacity is a far bigger issue than most realise. Essentially, every kilo counts. Aluminium is lightweight.

2. Future potential corrosion issues are void. Don’t worry though, we have tested our aluminium system extensively and after a lot of work internally, we can proudly say it’s stronger than our old steel system we started with.

Appearance / aesthetics

We are obviously very biased when it comes to the aesthetics of our product. We believe what we offer to the market is the right combination of functionality and appearance. It is a balance of personal preference and we work very hard to deliver what the majority prefer.


At M2, we firmly believe in the power of partnerships. From our internal operations to our relationships with customers and suppliers, we prioritise fostering healthy collaborations. That's why we exclusively align ourselves with  best in market brands like Old Man Emu, ARB and REDARC. These partnerships enhance the M2 experience, ensuring that when you work with us, you receive nothing but the best.

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