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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available payment methods?

Finance: We’re proud to offer a finance option through Finance Now. Place your order and select ‘Pay Later’ under the payment method in the cart. To start the application process get pre-approved before ordering your tray by filling out our application form here.

Internet Banking: Once you've placed your order with us, we'll email you an invoice that contains our bank account details.

Can I see the product in person?

We love showing people around our state of the art factory and showing them our products. It shows you how serious we are and how professional we are. We honestly prefer it as photos don’t do the product or process justice. Call in anytime during business hours or contact us for an after hours walk through.

Can I add accessories later?

Absolutely, our ute tray systems are designed to be modular and all accessories can be added at a later date.

Do you galvanize your Trays?

We can, but prefer not to. The reason for this is our trays are finished to a very high standard and galvanising compromises that every time - we have no control over it. If you’re unsure about our preferred finishing process on your tray, have a read of our M2 ArmourCoat page on the site where it goes into detail about our special coating process designed to withstand the elements.

Do you customise the Tray size or work to any other customising requests?

The M2 Overland Grass Roots Ute Tray system is designed to be produced the same every time. The reasons for this are; speed of turnaround times by manufacturing fast in jigs and stocking, quality control and consistency, having a standard system that modular accessories bolt to, and so on. This ensures unbeatable quality and service for you. We have carried out small modifications for customers but changing the size isn’t one of those. Customising our decks is treated on a case by case basis, so please contact us about your requests.

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