About M2 overland

crafted by engineers with a passion for the outdoors

Where we’ve come from

M2 Overland was born out of a mother company, Metal Magic. M2, an abbreviation of Metal Magic, came about for a few reasons.

Firstly, we had a passion for the outdoors and we wanted to create a brand where we could have an excuse to get out and enjoy the outdoors more often.

Secondly, we wanted to give our staff more substance when it came to being proud of what they build.

Lastly, we realised a gap in the market here in New Zealand that our experience and expertise would fill.

Our Napier based workshop is where it all started. With both the Kaweka and Ruahine ranges in close proximity, we have had the ultimate testing grounds at our disposal.

Meet Our Team
Introducing the

M2 Overland Team

Brandon Duncan


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Lachlan Macdonald

Trade & Recreational Sales

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Mike Graham

Production Supervisor

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Robert Beedell

Senior CAD Draughtsman

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M2 Overland Team

Upgrade Your Adventure

NZ Made

New Zealand Made, officially. There’s something very unique about New Zealand made. Combine the ‘No.8 Wire’ Kiwi Ingenuity attitude with a staffing content offering over 250 years of metal manufacturing experience, world leading CAD/ERP systems and the very best machinery on the planet and the result is impeccable.

100% Manufactured In-house

All design, laser cutting, router cutting, surface treatment, folding, welding, powder coating and assembly is done under our own roof. We have control over the whole process which means a better customer experience and a better quality product. M2 Overland is very unique in this aspect – one of, if not the only manufacturers in our field in the world who can say ‘we control all’. Book a workshop tour and we’ll happily show you.

Quality Guaranteed –ISO9001:2015 Registered

Most companies become ISO9001 certified for marketing purposes. We use ISO9001 systems to improve our business and product. Working with M2 Overland means working with a company that is at the forefront of continuous improvement.

Delivery On Time, Always

Our competitors often hold customer vehicles for weeks, if not months. Ten times out of ten M2 Overland delivers on time. It’s very rare that a customer can’t collect their vehicle the same day it was delivered for an installation. Why? We control all processes under our roof and our business systems are unmatched.

Industry Leading Turnaround Times – Consistently

Because we manufacture everything in house we can offer unmatched lead times. Typically we work on a 4 week lead time unless we’re dealing with fleets. Out of that 4 weeks, we only need your vehicle at the end for the install – an average of 6 hours.

Modular Design

Set up your way to operate efficiently and safely in your field by utilising our modular design. We have built in mounting points throughout our whole system to give you the ability to take advantage of the many bolt on accessories we offer. Zero in on efficiency with fine adjustment, adapt for personal preference or modify at a later date in the case your business, profession or industry change.

See Our Process In The Flesh

Call to book a tour of our Napier Based Manufacturing Facility

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