M2 Armourcoat

A unique three-stage surface Protection System

guard Your Ute Tray & Canopy System against corrosion

What Is M2 ARmourCoat?

M2 ArmourCoat is one of the ultimate systems when it comes to protecting steel surfaces from the elements. Using the latest electro coating and powder coating technologies, M2 ArmourCoat helps minimise rust, resists fading and flaking.

This means our M2 Overland Ute Tray & Canopy Systems look better for longer– especially important for vehicles that are out in the elements.

M2 Armourcoat Protective Layers

Is M2 ARmourCoat better than paint?

Yes, much better! It's hard-wearing and goes on evenly every time. Together with one of New Zealand’s leading powder coating suppliers we've developed an exclusive coating that is durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Our product and process is unique. Firstly, we strip-off any surface impurities using sand blasting to reveal bare metal. This also helps reduce welding stress from the manufacturing process. We then electrically charge the component to promote adhesion. A zinc rich coating is then applied to the clean steel as a base, which is baked at 200 degrees. Finally it's top coated and baked again to fully cure both coatings for maximum toughness and durability.

What M2 Overland products have M2 ARmourCoat applied to them?

All of our M2 Overland steel products can be protected with M2 ArmourCoat. You can be assured that by using M2 Armourcoat all the steel components in your Ute Tray & Canopy System will be protected against the elements.

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M2 Overland Ute Deck with ArmourCoat
All of our M2 Overland steel products can be protected with M2 ArmourCoat
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